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Restaurant Owners And Managers In Alexandria Cope With COVID-19 Impact

These are uncertain and unprecedented times for the community as well as the economy. And in this age of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, the restaurant industry has been extremely affected according to the city’s needs and the state’s orders. Here are the views of some of the restaurant managers and owners in Alexandria, as per the Alexandria Gazette Packet, about COVID-10 impacts. Continue reading “Restaurant Owners And Managers In Alexandria Cope With COVID-19 Impact”

Alexandria’s Historic Preservation Manager Retires

The City of Alexandria’s Historic Preservation Manager, Al Cox, was celebrated by a crowd of family, friends and city officials February 7 at the Old Dominion Boat Club as he retires following 28 years overseeing architecture design policies across the city. “My wife Kathy and I moved here 32 years ago because of the architecture. But we stayed because of the people,” said Cox, an architect who studied historic preservation in the U.S. and Europe. Continue reading “Alexandria’s Historic Preservation Manager Retires”

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