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Teen Film Makes It to the Alexandria Film Festival

There were four teenage girls embarking on a school project that turned out to be a small part of what they really learned about each other and relationships in general. This was the plot of a film called “The Homework Club,” created by 15-year-old Hallie Crawford that landed a spot in the 2021 Alexandria Film Festival.
The girls take a break in between scenes. “The Homework Club,” landed a spot in the 2021 Alexandria Film Festival
According to the Alexandria Gazette Packet, "The girls went from the waterfront to the Torpedo Factory, where they remembered an experience years ago when they were younger. An argument ensued, and the fledgling actresses gave stress on camera their best shot. The cast included Sophia Webster, who is a sophomore at West Potomac High School, Jasmine Williams, who is homeschooled, and Charlotte Benson who is a classmate of Hallie’s at Bishop Ireton. The co-producer was Ella Schmutz, the screenwriter was Olivia Dedham, and Hallie’s father, Brett Crawford, did some of the camera work and editing." As per Alexandria Gazette Packet, "There was a dance scene to some non-descript music so there weren’t copyright issues, and arguments and thoughts that were expressed covertly, but all worked out in the end. One thing they didn’t have was a stage director that ran around with a storyboard, mapping out the scenes. The cell phone worked for that. “We watched the dance scene on our phones,” Hallie said. Hallie noticed a film festival was happening in the city, so she looked into it. “I got excited about it,” she said."

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