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Piece Out Opens In Alexandria Mid Pandemic

Piece Out was opened in July by Ponzi and his wife, Christine. The couple initially considered the idea in January when the site at 2419 Mt. Vernon Ave. became vacant. They also own St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub and Cafe Pizzaiolo. According to, "Though business seems to be humming along now, with a socially-distant line of patrons waiting to pick up their pizzas outside the shop on any given weekend night, the start wasn’t as smooth. On their second-ever night open the air conditioning died and the power went out, leaving the small staff scrambling to fill a surge of orders, Ponzi said. Understaffing was a major challenge at the beginning, Ponzi said, thanks in large part to the pandemic." As per, "The Ponzis even recruited their college-age daughters to assist with kitchen duty and delivery. Fortunately, they’ve managed to fully staff all three of their restaurants since then. Piece Out currently offers a mix of take-out, outdoor dining, and limited-capacity indoor dining. The restaurant itself meets the moment well, with a street-side patio and sliding garage-style windows for orders and pick-ups. Ponzi said that though they’re faring well, for the time being, they’re looking forward to transitioning to a post-pandemic style of service."

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